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Is it wrong to fall in love with one of your closest friends? 解らないです。


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It is wrong to feel something towards someone who you know for quite some time?

Someone made me realised my feelings towards another person a few days back.

It cleared my dilemma but it also made my heartache.

I’m really lost, I don’t know what to do.

I hope things just remain the same.

Hearts, HS

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Well, I started watching anime again. I started reading the manga first and it’s very interesting.

とある魔術の禁書目録 × とある科学の超電磁砲

It’s 2 different anime but they are linked. Meaning their character appears in both anime and happens in the same time and area, just that focuses on ESP and another on Magic but their events happens in both anime interlinks with each other. You just got to watch both to have deep understanding of what happened.

What a spin off. XD

Hearts, HS

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Dead blogs

I saw Shimin tweeted about her revamped blog on twitter which actually made me remembered I still own one. Therefore I logged in and saw the list of my friend’s blog on mine. I was kind of excited, I felt that I hadn’t update my blog for months so let me see what about the others.

They are all dead.

Mine's not, I just revived it.

Facebook and Twitter did it?

Hearts, HS

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POST’s Cereal again~

Well, what did you know?

I went down to supermarket to top up my usual blueberry and banana nut crunch cereal stock and saw this new “species” by POST cereals. It’s called “Trail Mix Crunch”. There’s only 2 flavors available, Cranberrys & Vanilla or Raisins & Almonds. Decided to give it a try, so I bought it together with my usual flavors.

It’s awesome. It’s darn crunchy, the taste and sweetness hits the spot and I kind of finished it within 2 hours and so I got myself another box of it.

Below is a picture of it.

Trail Mix Raisins & Almonds Crunch

What's left in a meal

Well, can’t blame me, I’m a granola lover and it’s awesome.

I bet it will taste as good if I baked it into a cookie.

Hearts, HS

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Old man’s quarrel

Well, it’s 7.48pm and the 2 uncles under my block are still quarreling. It have lasted more than 15 mins and it don’t seemed to end any time soon.

Uncle 1 have been quiet while uncle 2 kept bombarding languages non stop.

He have been swearing NNBCCB throughout, he really need to buck up on his foul vocab.

But anyway, this reminds me of Azure Chew who can only scold CB when he’s pissed.


Hearts, HS

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I’m tired

It’s been 1/2 a year since I last blogged.

I’m seriously tired, there’s so many stuff in my head which I’d rather be brain dead.

I’m sick and tired of all the issues, I even dreamed of workload.

I’m stressing out.

I rather be a combatant.

Hearts, HS

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