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D, G, C, C7, E,A and ARRRRGH!

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I’m goin’ bonkers over K-ON!

Not only I’m reading the manga, I’m downloading the anime too and I only download the largest and highest quality which ranged 1GB per episode.

It’s nonsensical and I’m playing back my fuckin’ acoustic.

Am I a fuckin’ otaku now?

Hearts, HS

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Well, it’s been ages since I’m into anime or manga. But on a chance, I came across this manga named K-ON! 桜高軽音部. Well, I thought it would be some kind of cheesy manga but I was wrong. It’s based on a band, a pretty light and funny comedy of 4 high school girls struggling to make their band work out.

It include a bassist, a guitarist, a drummer and a keyboardist to start with which later another rhythm guitarist joins in.


I just love band stuff.

Here’s a ED,


Hearts, HS

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Coraline is a super amazing movie. I’ll rate it as my best movie of the year together with The Hang Over. The story is amazingly, creepy yet cute. Well, it was done by the Nightmare Before Christmas crew, so it can’t get any better than this.

If you do not know, it’s not just a 3D picture, it’s a stop motion picture.

Here are some different movie posters.




I practically like these 3 posters rather than the original one. The original made the movie seemingly kiddish.

If you guys had known or tried stop motion pictures, you would know how tedious to produce a film. Lighting, camera angle, frames and etc. So much to consider and time consumption.

Here are some pics of their production.



Well, it’s a pretty lengthy entry probably because I fuckin’ love this movie.

Just watch it, it’s worthwhile.

Hearts, HS

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469 - motivator ronald_mcdonald

I’m Lovin’ It.

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It’s causing a big hoo har and startling everyone  in CDO.

That’s all i can say, I don’t want my ass burnt.


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It’s been long

Well, it’s been a month plus since I last blogged and I fuckin’ can’t remember how to login for a moment.

I totally forgot i changed the outlook of my blog which doesn’t have a shortcut for user login.


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