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Hearts, HS


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I was deceived till the last minute before departure.
I was thinking why am I so gullible although I was always tricked?

I don’t hate you, but I want to kick you for real.
But I do hate myself for not being able to see what’s in your sleeves.

Hearts, HS

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Hardest Word

What seems to be the hardest word to say?

Is it sorry?
Is it hate?

I guess everyone have one specific word that seemed to be the hardest to be said. But there is one certain word that you need lots of balls to carry it out.

And that is, I Love You.

It seemed to be my hardest.

How about you?

Hearts, HS

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Combat Arms

Had nothing better to do today, so I logined Combat Arms and was accused hacking for 161926319273902 times.

And I quit playing.

Hearts, HS

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I was watching Doraemon (ドラえもん) and came across a episode which Nobita, Shizuka and Suneo exchanged Mothers with the aid of Doraemon’s tool.

The reason to exchange mother? They felt their mother not loving them as they scold them.

After the exchange, as a third party point of view. Each of them realized their friend’s Mother cared for their child, but their own child just could not see it.

Sounds familiar?

The end of the episode said, “Mother are also human”.

Think about it, all parents were once our age. They think like us, they hang out like us and they have moods like us too. We do quarrel with people, shout at people and hope people understand or do something that does not piss us off.

So when parents shout or etc, it’s normal. They are human like us, they need to let it off.

One day, we might become parents like them.

Ponder about it.

Hearts, HS

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A song that I fell in love with.

Picture Perfect Love by m-flo x Monkey Majik

All that time that you were standing by my side
She’s that picture-perfect kind
I can’t believe I was so blind
Do you remember that time, you know I stepped across that line
I made you cry and that’s my crime
I wish that I could just rewind

It’s the evening and you’ve been complaining
About our situation and all my deceiving
I know…that everything’s going SLOW
And if you wanna feel better I can tell ya that it’s gonna be great
yeah it’s gonna be good
OH-OH-OH but I would be lying to you

But these days I’m changing
Meeting new faces
How am I supposed to be
And my feelings for you seem to be changing
Looking back…don’t look back on me

How can I just not fall in love m-flo’s music and your’s sincerely?

Hearts, HS

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If you have not noticed, the above image reads “liar” horizontally.

There was once I mentioned, I am 90% serious but my friends takes me 100% non serious. Sad to say, If I’m in my friend’s shoes, I’ll probably not believe in what I have said too.

Sometimes making jokes and bullshit does create a warming atmosphere for friends as laughter and funny swearing would occur. But it backfires as time goes by.

Your friends starts to doubt your words even you said “I am fucking serious”.

I was pretty sad over the fact that I gave such an impression to nearly anyone within my knowledge. I was called a bullshitter even though I meant what I said. But will it affect our relationship if I was able to prove I was serious?

Everytime I start talking, it will end up with laughter. At least I know I’m still able to make people smile.

Perhaps, it is a blessing in disguise or I’m just simply lying to myself.

Last but not least, I am serious about you. I’m not bullshitting.

Hearts, HS

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