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Love, hate

Have you ever love a person yet you hate him/her so much?

He/She is like someone who irritates the hell out of you but yet he/her accompaniment makes you feels your own existence. He/She makes you feels like leaving but he/her accompaniment makes you feels comfortable.

Yes, I do know somebody of this category and he is non other than . . .

Eric Cartman

Eric Cartman

Take a look at his fucking smirk. What a pie hole.

I’m not bored, I’m just fucking pissed with the god damn weather and the stupid MOFO car alarm that keeps going off at the Multi-storey car park.

Guess super hot weather makes car’s alarm goes hay-wire huh.

My damn Paddle Pop melts so fast, I am sucking it’s juice instead of licking the damn popsicle.

Hearts, HS


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Always have patience

While I was traveling to the bus stop today, a heavy downpour occured. Therefore I decided to wait at the covered walkway. While waiting for the rain to stop, two guys who stood beside me said.

Random guy A: “Wah lau eh, the rain sibei big sia.”
Random guy B: “Eh, we faster chiong over to the HDB la!”
Random guy A: “Okay, kin kin!”

And there they go, overcoming the heavy downpour and traffic and reach for their destination. As they reached the opposite shelter, the rain stopped and therefore I took my time and walk briefly towards the bus stop. When I reached the bus stop, I saw them heavily drenched and kept complaining that they should have waited for the rain to stop. The rain did not even last for 5 minutes.

In this scenario, I would say the weather. The weather in the world is unpredictable, why not take a little time of your life to make a simple observation before any action is conducted, do not rush into things, it might actually have a much better output.

Goodbye Lehman Brothers.
Good luck AIG.

Hearts, HS

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Moon Cakes

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival and what cannot be left out?

It’s the Moon Cake.

As a last minute shopping, I went Takashimaya for the Moon Cakes. The crowd was like, woah! It was pretty hard to maneuver from stalls to stalls.

The overkilling human traffic

The over killing human traffic

After going through guinea pig testing of Moon Cakes of different brands, the specific brands are decided.

These are the loot.

Mandarin & Good Wood Park Hotel's Moon Cakes

Mandarin & Good Wood Park Hotel Moon Cakes


Interior, where the Yum Yum-Factor is

Basically, the area is like a war zone where different stalls will hire workers to stuff samples to customers for comparisons. There is a specific stall where no competition is and the stall is …



None other than the Lantern stall, the one and only without competitors.

Oh, some of the Moon Cakes did not make it to the Mid-Autumn Festival. They were simply irresistible.

Hearts, HS

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We’re supposed to have just a casual dinner but Stephen wanted a steamboat and so, it seemed to be too much for just 3 person to handle.

Anyway, lets start from the late coming Stephen.

Quoted from Stephen, “If you all are gonna be late, why not we postpone the dinner to tomorrow?”

The funny thing is, Stephen is the one who was late for 1/2 an hour. But thanks to that, this gives me time to get the chewy cream puffs from Chewy Junior.


Oreo Crumbs & Blueberry Cheese

And the steamboat begins once Stephen reached.

Our Steamboat

Our Steamboat

The steamboat is no longer $12.00, it’s $15.00 per pax now.

Damn it.

Hearts, HS

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Your blog or mine?

I had received a few comment in msn and in real life about my blog like, “why are your blog so lengthy?” or “why don’t you short-term your english language?” and etc.

I don’t type like you guys.

Perhaps I will have to write a post in different kind of way? For example,

Eg, 1 The original,

Today’s weather was pretty fine, I decided to make a stroll in the park. The blossom of flowers colours my day and the chirping of birds lighten my pace. The cool wind breezes onto my face and wow, what a nice day!

Eg. 2 The short form,

2dae weather nice, I wen park walk walk. E flowers blossoms colors my day n e bird’s chirp lighten my pace. The cool wind breezes on 2 my face n wow, wad a nice day.

Hmmm, it actually saves lots of words.

Eg, 3 The Twitz,

2dae weath3R iish niicE =) shoo miiE iisH go pArK wAlkz WaLkss, fLoweRs iisH berii pwEetyz n iisH maKez miish dae! de bIrdiies ChiRp iissh bEri kAwaiizz, mAkez miiE LiGht ligHtissh N dA wInd ish cOol coOLs, hEHehEhe, waDz ay niishe DaE!

Eg. 4 The ultimate,

I wen to park today.

PS: I really have to salute to those who typed in example 3, it took me more than 10 minutes to type…

Hearts, HS

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First of all, my apology to Miss. Claudine Chew as it slipped my mind that I have promised to attend Willie’s day 2 of chalet and I have to cancel my dinner appointment with you and Jing Jie. I am sorry!

Anyway, back to topic.

I was predicted to be at the chalet at 4 plus 5PM, but I overslept once again. Therefore the peeps predicted I won’t turn up for day 2 of the chalet but I did. I broke their prediction twice in a day, I am proud of myself.

As I reached there, Nicole was already packed up and ready to go and that does not meant I am late. So i headed into the room, started a game of Black Jack with Ming Rui, Barry, Daryl and Hao and won my money back.

After a few rounds of Black Jack, a part of the crowd began to complain about their hunger and therefore we decided to get a new packet of charcoal to cook whatever is left. Before leaving the room, I saw a new welcomed member of the night, a CULEMBORG’s Cabernet Sauvignon. It was a gift by New York! New York! in celebration of Barry’s Birthday.

The two buggers that entertained us for the rest of the night.

CULEMBORG's Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

CULEMBORG's Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

Rachel's XO

Cognac Rachel XO

While Willie and I began to start the fire, we find the charcoal quite cute yet useless. It does burns easier but it also burns out easily.


The Cubic-Shaped charcoals

Daryl and I had a few games of 5-10s while Willie and Barry starts barbequeing. Oh, I did help out too. Somehow.


Willie picking charcoal


Barry and Willie barbequeing

After we’re done barbequeing, we found the first fallen victim of the night.



Since Arvin is sleeping, we decided to dine outside the room.

Outdoor Dining

Outdoor Dining

After we’re done eating and drinking, we have our second fallen victim.



That kind of sums up the rest of the night.

Please do not say I don’t upload pictures, I find this post with many pictures and it’s kind of irritating.

Probably it’s because most of the pictures consists of Willie.

Hearts, HS

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This two event falls on the same day and obviously YX’s Birthday comes as first priority. September 7th is the day where my baby boy, Mr. Lim Yong Xiang came to Earth and it’s worth a whole lot of celebration.

We went to a restaurant named The Secret Garden at Waterloo Street for his Birthday dinner. I will do a update about his Birthday Celebration when I receive the photos from any of the ten peeps that was there.

Went out in the afternoon when Victor and Daryl picked me up from my house to Willie’s Chalet and I was astonished to find out Daryl got a bottle of Martell and XO. It certainly looks like alcoholics can’t live without it.

I finally had a chance to know Willie’s legendary group of besties, Ming Rui, Arvin and etc. When we stepped into the room, I was delighted to find out Willie’s dad, who is a ex-racer of Singapore by the way, got us a carton of FOSTER’S bottled beer! Not losing any chances, Daryl and I each opened a bottle as opening ceremony.

Willie they all started to play the card Mahjong which kind of fascinates me.

The Mahjong card game

The Mahjong card game

After getting the stuff and met up with those guys, I went home to get changed and headed town to meet up with Nelson, Eric and Samuel and headed Bugis on TAXI for YX’s big celebration!

We had a game of BlackJack in the Chalet and I managed to lose around 10 bucks in a game and that’s bullshit.

Mahjong are still better to be played in tiles.

Hearts, HS

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