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Malaysia Trip

Was back since Sunday.

Think Eric blogged about it.

For more information, please visit http://ericwantstobecool.wordpress.com

Thanks for saving my trouble Eric!

Hearts, HS


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Past few days

I am now at Bandar Nusajaya with Eric and YX. Will blog about this trip when back to Singapore.


Went East Coast Park around 9PM as Kenndra, YX and me have a craving for Ice-cream and so we had some sundaes at Gelare. Bought a bottle of bubble and it entertained us for the whole night.


Nothing else for the night except that Kenndra had a bubble bath with the bottle of bubble.


Went Bugis to mod the PSP with Kenndra. While there are time to spend, we had a stroll inside National Library and learnt the history of our beloved fore fathers.


Met up with Claudine at Raffles City to have dinner at a Hong Kong Cafe. The food over there can’t be rated. Kenndra laughed at me for spending money on chocolates at Marks & Spencer but back-fired as she got a cap from COACH.

It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t psychoed her to buy. I just stated it is nice, it is on 50% off and it is a last piece and that is all, so don’t blame me.

Daryl and Victor joined us later and decided to head OCH again. We went 7-Eleven to get 3 torch lights and we were all set for exploration. We embraced ourselves and walked up the uneven steps, passing through spider webs and shattered glass. While our heart beat hits the rate of irregular frequency, we heard noises and lights coming towards us. Feeling insecured and curious we shone back our torches and found . . .


We were chased down.


Its off to Malaysia.


Hearts, HS

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Love the FLOOR!

Yeah! I am so happy because I went Roller-Blading with Eric and YX at East Coast Park and I kissed the ground like nobody’s business. I am so happy and you can describe me like, “Bite the dust and floor-kisser”.

Who said Roller-Blading is similar to Ice-Skating?

The pavement at East Coast Park is now cleaned.

Hearts, HS

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Right now, YX and Eric is playing Guitar Hero right behind me exclaiming “Eh, Joe Perry’s hand’s on fire!

Anyway, Kenndra gave me a call at around 11.30 PM asking me whether I have any plans on going out. Quite interesting as not much people will start planning where to go in the middle of the night?

But we did.

So the four of us, Claudine, Kenndra, YX and me decided to pay Terminal 3 a visit for POPEYES. YX was very excited, it’s his first visit. Anyway, the chicken was much better than anticipated. Outside crispylistimo, inside tenderlistimo. Sad to say, I don’t really fancy their Cajun sauce but they plays Popeye The Sailorman 24/7 on their television.

I learnt some interesting facts from the visit.
– Las Vegas is probably the only place to have instant marriage.
– Eskimos mingles their noses to show a fancy towards each other.
– Operating T3 is using extremely large amount of energy.
– YX sleeps when the time kicks in.
– Kenndra ignores people when watching cartoons.

Hearts, HS

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DS-Lite > Life

Have been totally obsessed with the DS-Lite, making me forgetting what I’ve been doing for the past few days. A lot of things happened, funny, sad, angry, emotional feelings stirred during the days but seemingly it was all deleted by DS-Lite.

Technology is taking over human’s mind. Basically mine.


Hearts, HS

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Perhaps I’m just a jerk.

Hearts, HS

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Kenndra have been in Malaysia for only few days. Never did I realise how much importance she stands in mine and probably Claudine’s life. I’m getting used to hearing her voices now and then. Our friendship have been 2+ or probably 3 years? Perhaps the day for her to stay in Scotland is nearing and therefore the pain starts filling in.

Aww, fuck!

Counting down.

Anyway, I got myself a DS-Lite. Loving it!

Thanks, YX!

And I actually tried making some food through playing Cooking Mama.

Hearts, HS

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