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Was supposed to be roller-blading but Eric cancelled it. So YX, Eric and me went Suntec instead for some Toys and Animation convention. The event sucks big time, what a tragic and I didn’t managed to get the New Era Cap from TOKIDOKI because the human traffic’s too packed to even buy.

Headed Paragon to shop after the convention visit and saw a nice jacket from GUESS, wanted to try but the zip dropped off before I can even put it on. So much for a 200 dollar jacket with such a weak zip huh. In the end, only Eric got himself a Marc Ecko belt.

Nelson joined us for dinner and we had Pepper Lunch, and I had an instant stomachache after dinner. That meal was too heavy. After browsing around town we decided to head home by cab but Nelson needed something from Paragon, so we headed back. Suddenly, a heavy downpour occured and the TAXI Stand became superly crowded out of sudden. Astonished by the amount of people queueing, we decided to take train home instead. I mentioned that TAXI Stand was quite empty and there are plenty of cabs on the streets before Nelson mentioned going back Paragon. And so Eric made a conclusion about this incident.

– Rain gives people needs to take a cab
– When rains take place, cab drivers goes home to keep laundries.
– If cab drivers are at home, they will choose to sleep on rainy days instead of work.

Huh, perhaps it’s a trend to take cab when raining. Just like traffic jams appears even when accident happened at the road shoulder.

Hearts, HS


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Three groups day

Accompanied Mom and Aunt to shop for their clothings. Mom made a big Hooha cause I buy her undergarments with them, I mean what’s the big deal? Everyone need underwear and stuff. After a long afternoon of shopping traveling from Bedok to Chinatown and lastly Clarke Quay, they were satisfied for the day and I departed to meet up with Eric they all for dinner at Vivo City.

After some fussle, I met up with Alvin, his girlfriend, Eric, Marcus, Priscillia and one of her friend to have dinner at White Dog Cafe. The ambience was alright and so was the food, not much big deal except for the Sasuage Platter which was quite fabulous. Had a few hours of nonsense talks and catching up and found out different stories about NS, quite a ridiculous life they have.

The beer price at White Dog Cafe is cheap after 9. $3.50 for Tiger.

I bidded farewell with them and headed to Clarke Quay to meet up with Willie, Wenyang, Daryl and Azure for a drink and they decided to prawn at Pasir Ris. Something happened on the way to Pasir Ris and it’s all about Azure.

We grabbed a few cans of beers and they started prawning, I can’t prawn because of some reasons. Prawning are boring but some incidents happened, making prawning quite lively.

– Azure keep kneeling on some pipe stuff in the middle of the prawn pool to prawn.
– Willie kept feeding the prawns instead and kept swearing.
– Willie accidently dropped his hook and bait into Daryl’s beer.
– A prawn grabbed onto Wenyang’s rod float instead of his bait.
– Willie’s pants got wet because of Azure.
– Daryl is the only one with zero catch.
– Found out that the bait’s colour turns pale after a few minutes of prawning.


– Wenyang says prawns evolved from biting bait to sucking meat juice from bait.
– Prawn grabbed hold onto the float perhaps prawns can’t swim.
– Azure can’t read road signs.
– Azure is long-winded.
– Willie is still stupid.

After 2 hours of prawning, Kenndra joined us for a chat at the snack house. And we found out that we are actually the pillars of Singapore.

Hearts, HS

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Mistaken identity

My Dad’s phone rang and he answered in a seconds. I found the conversation weird and I had no choice but to ask him to clear my doubts.

The phone conversation was like this.

Unknown Guy: “May I speak to Ang Molan?”
Dad: “Who Ang Mor lang?”
Unknown Guy: “Ang Molan.”
Dad: “Here no Ang Mor Lang, we Chinese.”
Unknown Guy: “No, Ang Molan.”

It lasted a few more minutes and Dad found out it was actually a mistake.

The person who called wanted was actually looking for a male/female named Ang Molan or something. Dad said he can’t really hear what the hell he was speaking because of a weird accent.

Hahahahaha! Huh!

Hearts, Hs

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