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We are finally done with the jamming scene after these few days in the damn hall, conflicts burst out but I’m glad it’s over in a while. After we are done, Peili needs accompaniment for shopping and so we went town to get his jeans. Searching high and low, he is satisfied with a jeans from TOUGH.

MOOKS are having a 1-for-1 or 1-for-2 sale, oh my god!

For dinner, we met up with Claudine and Kenndra at SHOKUDO Japanese Pasta. The food are extremely nice, it’s worth the price to pay. I won’t talk more about the food, you have to try it yourself.

Oh, Peili is the new Garbage-Man we found.

Jing Jie joined us after dinner, so we went TCC (The Coffee Connoisseur) to chill until midnight. Lots of catching up and Peili became friend with Jing Jie since it’s their first meeting.

It’s confirmed they can become pals, since they are kind of alike.

Willie joined us at midnight.

We took a short smoke break while traveling down the road to get the cars. While they were talking about how guys protect themselves from getting injured in the groin, I leaned on some kind of railing a metre away from the rest. Suddenly this lady appeared and asked for a cigarette and she sit besides me. Thinking she might just being friendly, I didn’t bother much and she starts to speak.

Scary Bitch: “Where are you from?”
Me: “I’m local.”
Scary Bitch: “Where are you going later?”
Me: “Going home soon.”
She starts to pull my wrist band and places her damn hands on my thigh.
Scary Bitch: “Would you like to accompany me for the night?”
Me: “No, I’m with my friends.”
I glanced at them for a signal for help.
She moved her god damn hands nearer to my groin even though I’m pushing her filthy hands away with my tote bag.
Scary Bitch: “It’s okay, we can have some fun.”

Kenndra to the rescue and that bitch walk away yet hovering around us.
I was seriously trumatized, I didn’t expect such a incident to happen in my life. Stupid Bitch.

Jing Jie was laughing, Peili was laughing, Willie was snickering, Kenndra and Claudine finds it interesting and amusing.

I swear I will never take a break outside TANGS, not even a minute.

Hearts, HS


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For the past few days, Willie and I have been helping out with Peili, Victor and Daryl’s project. We are supposed to shoot a MV for the song that we produced. Being honest, I was very embarassed because we have to play the record of the song with my vocal inside the hall and there were people looking at us. Although it is just a lip sync, but people will know I am the damn owner of that voice.

The hall is hot as hell and we have to wear the damn shirt and neck tie, but no complains since I’m just holding a punie mic while Willie, Victor has to play Bass, Guitar and Daryl have to drum. During this 2 days, I have to admit I’m quite impressed with Daryl’s ability to drum as he catches the rhythm and brings out the beat fast.

Talented huh.

Hearts, HS

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YX’s Theory

“Money can buy time.” by YX

Went shopping with YX and traveled along Bugis and City Hall. It was near 8PM and we decided to head Vivo City for last minute shopping. I blurted out a comment, “how I wish we have more time.” and so YX said “we can buy time.”

How does it work in YX’s theory? Simple.
Instead of taking a train, we can spent more money on cab to Vivo City and therefore we can save more time for shopping.

So ,
TAXI > MRT in time saving
TAXI = more money spent
TAXI = more time to shop
Therefore spent more money on cab = more time to shop
Therefore money can buy time.

Hearts, HS


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