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Ever had a motivation to do something but it just doesn’t go smoothly?

It sucks huh?

Met up with Daryl, Victor, Peili and Willie this afternoon to work on their project. But due to certain restrictions, it did not go on schedule so we spent six hours discussing instead.

Never had I sit in STARBUCKS for so long, quite a experience.

Do you feel shy when listening to your own recorded voice?
People can sing as loud as they can in the bathroom but once recorded, courage is lost to play back.

Daryl passed me the song we recorded and I was damn shocked and depressed with my vocal. It just doesn’t goes well with the rhythm and I still feel the melody is off.

Willie has lots of troubles, leave him alone. Haa.
Peili has weird taste.

Got myself a purple T-shirt from ESPRIT.

Hearts, HS


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