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I nearly missed Pushing Daisies, thank god I’m in time.

Just got back from watching “You Don’t Mess With The ZOHAN” with Eric, Nelson and Peili.
Seriously, it is a movie which I do not know how to rate. In simplier way, it’s a movie which you will say “What the fuck?” at every scene. It is lame, non-intelligent, no deep plot in a very Adam Sandler and Rob Scheneider way.

But I love it.

Oh, there’s only one romantic line which Adam Sandler said in the movie.

“I only gets stiff for you.”



Oh, Eric got himself a Hip-Hop genre ADIDAS shiny black cap from Limited Edt. VAULT and Nelson got himself a Ice Latte from STARBUCKS.

And I kept getting hit on my back because of the damn sun-burnt.


Hearts, HS.


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