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Four of us just got back from JE Swimming Complex and this is the list of events.

– Willie waited for us for half an hour.
– Eric showed amazing swimming skills.
– YX nearly got drowned for laughing at my butt-crack.
– Willie fell over and over again by trying to stand on the donut-float.
– I fell asleep on the float while in the wave pool and found drinking chlorine water in the next second
– Willie put on four donut-floats and rolled along pool sides.
– Willie ate one whole buddy meal + additional mash potatoes and coleslaws.
– YX took a video of me bathing and I screwed him.
– Willie is one over hour late for his acapella.
– We got sun-burnt.

Facts we learnt from this trip.

– Found out that people can really die for falling asleep in pools.
– Found out that people can die for laughing in pools too.
– Willie really can eat.
– Willie is stupid.
– Willie is non time conscious.
– YX videos people while bathing.

Hearts, HS

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