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We are going JE to swim later in the morning, so Eric told us some important facts about swimming a few minutes ago. Below is what I quoted from his speech.

All-U-Need-To-Know-About-Swimming Facts

! Swimming pools are dangerous, people die there.
– Mostly death are caused not by accident, leg cramp nor unable to swim.
– Drowning cases are caused by people who fell asleep while swimming.
– Hansheng is so going to die tomorrow because he is not sleeping anytime sooner.

Sign, Eric

I’m so gonna remember it by heart.

Hearts, HS


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InĀ Eric’s room with him and YX looking at me blogging.

YX: “Type you are eating and drinking like nobody’s business”
Me: “Orh.”
YX: “Wait, type I bought a drink that tastes like cum.”

7-Up Raspberry goes well with coconut buns.

Anyway, for those interested in the drink that YX is drinking. It is SAGIKO’s Soft Jelly Lime drink.

Hearts, HS

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